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What is form tag helpers in Asp.Net Core MVC in English and Hindi

Form tag helpers in English

 ASP.NET Core MVC, form tag helpers provide a convenient way to generate HTML forms while reducing the likelihood of cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and other security vulnerabilities. They help generate form elements with the appropriate structure and anti-forgery tokens for secure form submissions. Here's how to use form tag helpers with an example:

1-Create a Model:
First, create a model class that represents the data you want to collect in your form. For this example, let's create a simple model to represent a user's registration details.
2-Create a View:
Next, create a view that will render the registration form. For example, you can create a Register.cshtml view.
In this example, we're using the asp-for tag helper to generate the form fields and associate them with the properties of the RegistrationModel. We've also included validation messages using the asp-validation-for tag helper.
3-Create an Action Method:
Create a controller action method to handle the form submission. For example:
In this action method, we check if the model state is valid, which includes validating the form fields based on data annotations in the RegistrationModel. If the model state is valid, you can process the registration data; otherwise, you can redisplay the form with validation errors.
4-Add Validation Attributes (Optional):
You can add data annotations to the properties of your model to specify validation rules. For example, you can use [Required], [EmailAddress], and [StringLength] attributes to enforce validation rules.
Now, when you navigate to the Register action, the form will be displayed, and you can submit registration data. If there are validation errors, they will be shown next to the corresponding form fields. If the data is valid, the registration action will be executed, and you can process the data accordingly. Form tag helpers simplify the process of creating and validating forms in ASP.NET Core MVC while enhancing security.


Form tag helpers in Hindi

Form Tag Helpers ASP.NET Core mein ek powerful feature hain jo ki HTML forms ko generate karne aur form submissions ko asaan banane me madad karte hain. Ye tag helpers, aapke application ko cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks aur dusre security vulnerabilities se bachane me bhi madad karte hain. Form tag helpers aapke HTML forms ko sahi structure ke saath generate karte hain aur secure form submissions ke liye anti-forgery tokens bhi provide karte hain.
Form tag helpers ka upayog karte waqt aapko HTML form elements ko manually likhne ki jarurat nahi hoti, isse aapki code maintainability bhi improve hoti hai. Yahan ek ASP.NET Core MVC mein form tag helpers ka upayog karne ka udaharan diya gaya hai:
1-Model Banaye:
Sabse pehle, ek model class banaye jo aapke form se collect karne wale data ko represent kare. Is udaharan me, ek user ki registration details ko represent karne ke liye ek simple model banaya gaya hai.

2-View Banaye:
Agla kadam hai ek view banane ka jo registration form ko render karega. Udaharan ke liye, aap Register.cshtml view banaye.
Is udaharan me, hum asp-for tag helper ka upayog karke form fields ko generate kar rahe hain aur unhe RegistrationModel ke properties se associate kar rahe hain. Humne asp-validation-for tag helper ka upayog validation messages ko dikhane ke liye kiya hai.
3-Action Method Banaye:
Ek controller action method banaye jo form submission ko handle karega. Udaharan ke liye:
Is action method me hum check karte hain ki model state valid hai ya nahi, jo ki RegistrationModel ke data annotations ke adhar par form fields ki validation ko include karta hai. Agar model state valid hai, to aap registration data ko process kar sakte hain; agar nahi hai, to aap form ko validation errors ke saath phir se dikhate hain.
4-Validation Attributes Add Karein (Optional):
Aap apne model ke properties me validation rules specify karne ke liye data annotations jaise [Required], [EmailAddress], aur [StringLength] ka upayog kar sakte hain.
Is tarah se, jab aap Register action par jaate hain, form dikhaya jata hai aur aap registration data ko submit kar sakte hain. Agar validation errors hain, to wo corresponding form fields ke paas dikhaye jayenge. Agar data valid hai, to registration action execute hoga aur aap data ko sahi tarah se process kar sakte hain. Form tag helpers ASP.NET Core MVC me forms ko create aur validate karne ka process asaan bana dete hain aur security ko bhi enhance karte hain.




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