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Explain launchsetting.json file in Asp.Net Core MVC in English and Hindi

Launchsetting.json file  in Engilsh

The launchSettings.json file in ASP.NET Core MVC is used to configure how your project will be launched. It allows you to set up various profiles for different environments, such as development, staging, and production. This file is used primarily during development to configure settings related to the web server, environment variables, and application parameters.
Here is an example of what a launchSettings.json file might look like:
In this example:
1-The profiles section contains two profiles: IIS Express and MyAwesomeApp.
2-Each profile has a commandName field that specifies how the application will be launched. In the first profile, the application will be launched with IIS Express, while in the second profile, it will be launched as a project.
3-The launchBrowser field, when set to true, will automatically open the browser when the application is launched.
4-The launchUrl field specifies the URL that will be opened when the application is launched.
5-The applicationUrl field specifies the URL where the application will be hosted.
6-The environmentVariables field allows you to set environment variables for the application. In this case, the ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT variable is set to "Development" for both profiles.
You can create multiple profiles to simulate different deployment environments, such as development, staging, and production. Each profile can have its own specific settings for the web server, environment variables, and other launch-related configurations.
This file is usually found in the Properties folder of the project and is used by the Visual Studio development environment to configure how the application is launched during debugging.

Launchsetting.json file in Hindi

launchSettings.json file ek ASP.NET Core MVC project mein use hota hai aur yeh file development environment ke liye project launch karne ki settings ko configure karne ke liye hoti hai. Yeh file project ke various profiles ko set up karne ka kaam karti hai. Har profile ke liye alag-alag settings jaise ki web server, environment variables, aur application parameters set kiye ja sakte hain.
Yaha ek example diya gaya hai ki kaise launchSettings.json file ka structure hota hai:
Is example mein:
1-profiles section mein do profiles hain: IIS Express aur MyAwesomeApp.
2-Har profile mein commandName field hoti hai jo specify karti hai ki application kis tarah se launch hogi. Pehle profile mein, application IIS Express ke saath launch hogi jabki dusre profile mein, yeh project ke roop mein launch hogi.
3-launchBrowser field, jab true set kiya jata hai, toh browser ko automatically open kiya jayega jab application launch hoti hai.
4-launchUrl field, specify karta hai ki application launch hone par kaunsa URL open hoga.
5-applicationUrl field, specify karta hai ki application kis URL par host kiya jayega.
6-environmentVariables field, application ke liye environment variables set karne ki anumati deta hai. Is example mein, ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT variable ko dono profiles ke liye "Development" set kiya gaya hai.
Aap multiple profiles create kar sakte hain taki aap different deployment environments jaise ki development, staging, aur production simulate kar sakein. Har profile apne specific settings ke liye web server, environment variables, aur launch se related configurations set kar sakte hain.
Yeh file generally project ke Properties folder mein hoti hai aur Visual Studio development environment mein debugging ke dauran application ko kaise launch karna hai, uski settings ko configure karne ke liye use hoti hai.



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