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What is NuGet package manager in English and Hindi

NuGet package manager in English

NuGet is a free and open-source package manager designed for the Microsoft development platform (including .NET). It allows developers to create, share, and consume packages containing reusable code, such as libraries, tools, and other assets. NuGet simplifies the process of incorporating external libraries or components into a .NET application, enabling developers to manage dependencies more efficiently.
Here's an example of how NuGet can be used:
Let's say you're working on a C# project in Visual Studio, and you need to integrate a third-party library like Newtonsoft.Json, which is commonly used for JSON manipulation. Instead of manually downloading the library and adding it to your project, you can use NuGet to handle the process for you.
  • Open your project in Visual Studio.
  • Right-click on the project in the Solution Explorer.
  • Select "Manage NuGet Packages."
  • In the "Browse" tab, search for "Newtonsoft.Json."
  • Once you find the package, click "Install" to add it to your project.
NuGet will download the package and add references to the necessary assemblies automatically, making the library available for use within your project. This streamlines the integration process, ensuring that you have the correct version of the package and that any dependencies are also resolved.
Furthermore, NuGet allows developers to create their own packages, which can be shared internally within an organization or publicly on the NuGet Gallery, facilitating code reuse and promoting a more efficient development workflow.

NuGet package manager in Hindi

NuGet ek free aur open-source package manager hai jo Microsoft development platform ke liye banaya gaya hai, jisme .NET bhi shamil hai. Ye developers ko reusable code, jaise libraries, tools, aur doosre assets wale packages create, share, aur consume karne ki anumati deta hai. NuGet, .NET application mein external libraries ya components ko shamil karne ka process asaan banata hai aur developers ko dependencies ko adhik eficient tareeke se manage karne ki anumati deta hai.
Yahan ek example di gayi hai jo NuGet kaise istemal kiya jata hai:
Maan lijiye aap Visual Studio mein ek C# project par kaam kar rahe hain aur aapko apne project mein Newtonsoft.Json jaise kisi third-party library ko integrate karna hai, jo JSON manipulation ke liye aam taur par istemal hoti hai. Is library ko apne project mein manually download karke aur add karne ki bajaye, aap NuGet ka istemal karke is process ko handle kar sakte hain.
  • Apne project ko Visual Studio mein open karen.
  • Solution Explorer mein project par right-click karen.
  • Context menu se "Manage NuGet Packages" ko select karen.
  • NuGet Package Manager window mein, "Browse" tab select kar len.
  • Search box mein "Newtonsoft.Json" type karen aur Enter press karen.
  • "Newtonsoft.Json" package ko search results mein dhoondhen.
  • More details dekhne ke liye "Newtonsoft.Json" package par click karen.
  • Package ko apne project mein shamil karne ke liye "Install" button par click karen.
NuGet "Newtonsoft.Json" package ko download karega aur use aapke project mein add kar dega. Aap phir is library ko apne code mein istemal karke JSON data ke saath kaam kar sakte hain. Jaise ki aap JSON data ko C# objects mein deserialize kar sakte hain ya C# objects ko JSON data mein serialize kar sakte hain, Newtonsoft.Json library dwara provided classes aur methods ka istemal karke.

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