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Why we use IActionResult in controller in Asp.Net Core MVC?

Why we use IActionResult in controller in Asp.Net Core MVC 

In ASP.NET Core MVC, the IActionResult interface is used to represent the result of an action method in a controller. It provides a way for the controller to specify the HTTP response that should be sent back to the client. The use of IActionResult allows for flexibility in defining different types of responses, such as HTML views, JSON data, redirects, and more

Here's an example of how IActionResult is used in an ASP.NET Core MVC controller:
In this example:
1-Index Action:
The Index action returns a ViewResult. This means it renders an HTML view associated with the "Index" action.
2-About Action:
The About action returns a ContentResult. It sends plain text as the response content. This is useful for simple text responses.
3-RedirectToAnotherAction Action:
The RedirectToAnotherAction action returns a RedirectToActionResult. This results in a redirect to the "Index" action.
4-JsonResultExample Action:
The JsonResultExample action returns a JsonResult. This is used to return JSON-formatted data. In this case, an anonymous object is serialized to JSON and sent as the response.
By using IActionResult, controllers can return various types of results, and the ASP.NET Core MVC framework handles converting these results into an appropriate HTTP response. This flexibility allows developers to choose the appropriate response type based on the requirements of the action.
It's important to note that IActionResult is an interface that has several implementations, such as ViewResult, ContentResult, JsonResult, and others. The choice of which implementation to return depends on the type of response you want to send back to the client. This abstraction helps in keeping the controller actions decoupled from the specific details of the HTTP response, promoting maintainability and testability in your application.


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