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AWS S3 Storage Interview Questions Answers for freshers and experienced

Question 1. What is S3?
Answer:S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. It is a storage service that provides an interface that you can use to store any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere in the world. With S3 you pay only for what you use and the payment model is pay-as-you-go.
Question 2. What are EBS volumes?
Answer:EBS stands for Elastic Block Stores. They are persistent volumes that you can attach to the instances. With EBS volumes, your data will be preserved even when you stop your instances, unlike your instance store volumes where the data is deleted when you stop the instances.
Question 3. What are the types of volumes in EBS?
Answer:Following are the types of volumes in EBS,
  • General purpose
  • Provisioned IOPS
  • Magnetic
  • Cold HDD
  • Throughput optimized
Question 4. What is the minimum and maximum size of individual objects that you can store in S3
Answer: The minimum size of individual objects that you can store in S3 is 0 bytes and the maximum bytes that you can store for individual objects is 5TB.
Question 5. What are the different storage classes in S3?
Answer: Following are the types of storage classes in S3,
  • Standard frequently accessed
  • Standard infrequently accessed
  • One-zone infrequently accessed.
  • Glacier
  • RRS – reduced redundancy storage
Question 6. What is the default storage class in S3?
Answer: The default storage class in S3 in Standard frequently accessed.
Question 7. What is glacier?
Answer: Glacier is the back up or archival tool that you use to back up your data in S3.
Question 8. How can you secure the access to your S3 bucket?
Answer: There are two ways that you can control the access to your S3 buckets,
  • ACL – Access Control List
  • Bucket polices
Question 9. How can you encrypt data in S3?
Answer: You can encrypt the data by using the below methods,
  • Server Side Encryption – S3 (AES 256 encryption)
  • Server Side Encryption – KMS (Key management Service)
  • Server Side Encryption – C (Client Side)
Question 10. What are the parameters for S3 pricing?
Answer: The pricing model for S3 is as below,
  • Storage used
  • Number of requests you make
  • Storage management
  • Data transfer
  • Transfer acceleration
Question 11. What is the pre-requisite to work with Cross region replication in S3?
Answer: You need to enable versioning on both source bucket and destination to work with cross region replication. Also both the source and destination bucket should be in different region.

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