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What is Web Job in Azure ?


Web Role is a Cloud Service role in Azure that is configured and customized to run web applications developed on programming languages / technologies that are supported by Internet Information Services (IIS), such as ASP.NET, PHP, Windows Communication Foundation and Fast CGI.The Web job as a SaaS (Software As a Service) which is manage by software.The Web Jobs supports Windows executables (cmd, bat, exe), PowerShell, Linux Shell Script, PHP, Python, JavaScript or Java files to be executed as background tasks

Web job support three types of Triggers:

  1. On-Demand – Triggered externally. The Web Job SDK supports listening to Azure Storage tables, queues, blobs and Azure Service Bus queues for triggering a Job. An on-demand Job can also be manually triggered from the portal.

  2. Scheduled – Triggered based on a configured schedule. The scheduler used to trigger the job is decoupled from the Web Job itself.

  3. Continuous – Runs continuously. Starts when the Web Job starts. An endless loop needs to be explicitly written to keep the Job running infinitely.
Deploying a Web Job requires minimal plumbing and they are also easily managed.
The following scenarios are where Web Jobs can be a perfect fit:
  • Polling RSS feeds
  • Sending SMS notifications
  • Asynchronous logging
  • Archiving.


Web job in Azure



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