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Difference between Web Job and Worker Role

Difference Between Web Job and Worker Role:

Feature Web Job Worker Role
  Software as a Service (SaaS). Platform as a Service (PaaS).
Hosting Web App hosted – hosted within a Web App container. Self-Hosted – Hosted on a dedicated virtual machine.
Configurability Low. High.
Pricing Comparatively cheaper. Comparatively more expensive.
Scalability Scalable along with the Web App hosting it. Independently scalable.
Coupling Coupled with Web App which is possibly hosting a web front end or middle tier. Decoupled from frontends and middle tiers.
Remote Access Does not support remoting. Supports remoting into the host VM.
Debugging Easily attachable to Visual Studio debugger. Difficult to attach Visual Studio debugger.
Deployment Simple deployment. Complicated deployment.
Triggers Supports on-demand, scheduled and continuous triggers. All triggers have to be programmatically introduced.
Management Natively support detailed logging and diagnostics Logging and diagnostics need to be coded in
Excepting handling Supports graceful shutdown. Unexpected shutdowns have to be programmatically handled.
Supports shared (multi-tenant) deployment. Tenancy Natively single-tenant.


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