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Limitations of azure function

In this article we will know Limitation of Azure Function.


Azure Functions scale and hosting


Service Limitation of Azure Function

Resource Limit
Max instances Consumption plan=200, Premium plan=20, App Service plan=10-20
Time out duration (min) Consumption plan:(Default=5, Max=10)  ,Premium plan:(Default=30, Max=Unlimited), App Service plan: (Default=900, Max=Unlimited)
Max Conection / Instance  Consumption plan=(Total 1200)600 can be active, Premium plan=Unlimited, App Service plan=Unlimited
Max request size (MB) Consumption plan=100, Premium plan=100, App Service plan=100
ACU(Azure Compute Unit) per instance Consumption plan=100, Premium plan=210-840App Service plan=100-840
Function apps per plan Consumption plan=100, Premium plan=100, App Service plan=unbounded5
App Service plans
App Service plans Consumption plan=100 per region, Premium plan=100 per resource group, App Service plan=100 per resource group
Storage Consumption plan=1GB, Premium plan=250GB, App Service plan=500-1000 GB
Custom domains per app Consumption plan=5007Premium plan=500App Service plan=500
Note : When your function app is hosted in a Consumption plan, only the CNAME option is supported. For function apps in a Premium plan or an App Service plan, you can map a custom domain using either a CNAME or an A record.
Azure Function Runtime  1.x support (.NET Framework 4.7) , 2.x(.NET Core 2.2)


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