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What is Git and explain the difference between Git and SVN?

Git is a source code management (SCM) tool which handles small as well as large projects with efficiency. It is basically used to store our repositories in a remote servers such as GitHub.


Git is a Decentralized Version Control Tool. SVN is a Centralized Version Control Tool.
Git contains the local repo as well as the full history of the whole project on all the developers hard drive, so if there is a server outage , you can easily do recovery from your team mates local git repo.. SVN relies only on the central server to store all the versions of the project file.
Push and pull operations are fast. Push and pull operations are slower compared to Git.
It belongs to 3rd generation Version Control Tool. It belongs to 2nd generation Version Control tools.
Client nodes can share the entire repositories on their local system. Version history is stored on server-side repository.
Commits can be done offline too. Commits can be done only online.
Work are shared automatically by commit. Nothing is shared automatically.
Tools like Visual Studio can be used to develop and debug. There is only online Editor where you can work and deploy direcly.


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