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What is application state in ASP.NET IN English and Hindi

Application state in ASP.NET in English:
In ASP.NET, application state is a way to store data that is shared across all users of an application. This data is stored on the server and is accessible to all requests made by any user of the application.
To use application state in an ASP.NET application with C#, you can use the Application object provided by the System.Web namespace.
Here is an example of using application state to store a counter that tracks the number of times a page has been accessed by all users of the application:
In this example, the Application["PageAccessCount"] property is used to get or set the value of the counter stored in application state. The counter is incremented each time the page is accessed, and the current value is displayed on the page using the Response.Write() method.
Application state in ASP.NET in Hindi:
ASP.NET mein, application state aisi ek tarah se data store karne ki technique hai jisse ki application ke sare users ke beech mein data share kiya ja sakta hai. Ye data server par store kiya jata hai aur isko application ke kisi bhi user ke dwara kiye gaye sabhi requests mein access kiya ja sakta hai.
ASP.NET application mein C# ke saath application state ka upyog karne ke liye, System.Web namespace ke dwara pradan kiye gaye Application object ka upyog kiya jaa sakta hai.
Yahaan ek example diya gaya hai jismein application state ka upyog kiya ja raha hai, jisse ki ek counter ko track kiya ja sake jo ki application ke sare users dwara ek page ko access karne ke baad ki baar ki count ko track karega:
Is example mein, Application["PageAccessCount"] property ka upyog counter ki value ko get ya set karne ke liye kiya jaata hai jo ki application state mein store kiya gaya hai. Counter ko har baar access karne par increment kiya jata hai aur abhi tak ki value Response.Write() method ka upyog karke page par display kiya jata hai.

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