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What is label in ASP.NET in English and Hindi



Label in ASP.NET in English

In ASP.NET, a label is a control that is used to display text on a web page. It is a non-editable control that can be used to display static text, dynamic text, or the result of a calculation.

Here is an example of how to use a label control in ASP.NET:

In the above code snippet, we have created a label control with the ID "myLabel". The runat="server" attribute is used to indicate that this control will be processed on the server-side. The Text attribute is used to set the text that will be displayed in the label control. In this example, the text is "Hello, World!".
Labels can also be modified dynamically using server-side code, as shown in the following example:
In the above code, we have used server-side code (in this case, C#) to modify the Text property of the myLabel control. The label will now display the text "Welcome to my website!".
Label in ASP.NET in Hindi
ASP.NET me label ek control hota hai jo ki web page par text display karne ke liye use kiya jata hai. Ye ek non-editable control hai jo static text, dynamic text ya calculation ka result display karne ke liye use kiya jaa sakta hai.
Neeche diya gaya hai ek example jo label control ka use karta hai ASP.NET me:
Upar diye gaye code snippet me, humne ek label control "myLabel" ka upyog kiya hai. runat="server" attribute se ye bataaya jaata hai ki ye control server-side par process kiya jaaega. Text attribute se text ko set kiya jaa sakta hai jo label control me display kiya jaaega. Iss example me, text "Hello, World!" hai.
Labels ko server-side code ka upyog karke dynamically bhi modify kiya jaa sakta hai, jaisa ki neeche diya gaya hai:
Upar diye gaye code me, humne server-side code (iss case me, C#) ka upyog kiya hai myLabel control ke Text property ko modify karne ke liye. Label ab "Welcome to my website!" ka text display karega.




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