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What is button in ASP.NET in English and Hindi



Button in ASP.NET in English

In ASP.NET, a button is a server-side control that allows users to interact with a web page by submitting data or triggering an action when clicked.

Here's an example of how to create a button in ASP.NET using C#:

In the example above, we are using the <asp:Button> tag to create a button control with an ID of "submitButton". The runat="server" attribute tells the server to handle the button's events on the server-side. The Text attribute sets the text displayed on the button.

The OnClick attribute specifies the server-side method that will be executed when the button is clicked. In this case, we have specified a method named "submitButton_Click" that will be executed when the button is clicked.
Here's an example of what the corresponding C# code for the method might look like:
When the user clicks the button on the web page, the submitButton_Click method will be executed on the server-side, allowing you to perform various actions or operations based on the user's input.

Button in ASP.NET in Hindi

ASP.NET mein ek button ek server-side control hota hai jo users ko web page ke sath interact karne ki anumati deta hai, jaise ki data submit karna ya kisi action ko trigger karna.

Yahan ek ASP.NET mein button create karne ka ek example C# language mein diya gaya hai:
Upar diye gaye example mein, hum <asp:Button> tag ka upyog kar rahe hai, jisse hum "submitButton" naam ke ek button control ko banane ka prayas kar rahe hai. runat="server" attribute server ko button ke events ko server-side par handle karne ke liye batata hai. Text attribute button par dikhaya jaane wala text set karta hai.
OnClick attribute button click hone par server-side method ko specify karta hai, is example mein humne "submitButton_Click" naam ka method specify kiya hai, jo ki button click hone par execute hoga.
Yahan ek example diya gaya hai ki method ke corresponding C# code kaisa dikhta hoga:
Jab user web page par button click karta hai, tab server-side par submitButton_Click method execute hota hai, jisse aap user ke input ke aadhar par vibhinn actions ya operations perform kar sakte hai.


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