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What is array in c sharp in English and Hindi

Arrey in C# Language in English:
In C# language, an array is a collection of elements of the same data type stored in contiguous memory locations. It can be thought of as a container that can hold multiple values of the same type.
Arrays in C# are zero-indexed, which means that the first element in the array is located at index 0, the second element is located at index 1, and so on. The size of an array is determined at the time of declaration, and it cannot be changed during the program's execution.
Here is an example of declaring and initializing an array in C#:

In this example, we create an array of 5 integers, and then we assign values to each element of the array. The syntax for accessing elements of an array is using the square brackets operator with the index of the element inside the brackets.


Arrey in C# Language in Hindi:

C# language mein, ek array ek aisa collection hota hai jismein ek hi data type ke multiple elements contiguous memory locations mein store kiye jate hain. Ise ek container ki tarah socha ja sakta hai jo ek hi type ke multiple values ko hold kar sakta hai.

C# mein arrays zero-indexed hote hain, jiska matlab hai ki array ka first element index 0 par located hota hai, second element index 1 par located hota hai aur aage ki values bhi isi tarah se index-wise store ki jati hain. Array ka size declaration ke time par determine kiya jata hai aur program ke execution ke time par iska size change nahi kiya ja sakta hai.
Yahan ek example diya gaya hai jo ek array ko declare aur initialize karta hai:
Is example mein, hum 5 integers ke array ko create karte hain, aur phir hum array ke har element ko ek ek karke values assign karte hain. Array ke elements ko access karne ke liye, hum square brackets operator ka use karte hain jismein element ke index ko brackets ke andar define kiya jata hai.

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