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How to Set client IP Address using the firewall security in Azure SQL Using Portal

In this article we will learn how to set or allow client IP Address  using the filewall security in Azure SQL database using Azure portal.

Step 1: Click on Azure Databases in Manu bar from the Azure portal. After you will get Azure database list which is given below screen:

Step 2: Click on Database > Overview given above screen shot. then you will get below screen:
Step 3: Click on Set Server firewall which is given above screen. After click above botton you will get all client ip address already set for the client in Azure firewall security which is given below screen.
Now Please enter the Firewall Rule Name, Client IP Adddres Start from and Client End IP Address which you want to set for the clients in azure sql server. After fill all  required data into the textbox then
please click on Save botton.

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