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Difference between Azure SQL and SQL Server

Difference Between Azure SQL and SQL Server:

Feature Azure SQL SQL Server
Hosting Azure PaaS. On-premises.
Max DB Size 4TB (in P15). Based on SQL Server license.
Licensing Not required. Requires SQL Server license.
Backup and Restore Not Support. Support.
Login Server Authentication. Windows Authentication and Server Authentication .
Azure Cost Based on Database Throughput Units* (DTU’s) consumed. None, it’s on-premises.
Analysis Services, Replication, Reporting Services, or SQL Server Service Broker Not Support. Support
Database Mirroring or Failover Clusteringstrong> Not Support. Support
Switch/Change(use) Database No. Yes
Access Linked Servers No Yes
SQL Profiler Not support Support
  In SQL Azure an idle connection goes down after 5 minutes and can go down for a lot of other reasons than timeout. You need to think about this especially if you use connection pooling. In SQL Server an idle connection almost never goes down. If it does, there is usually a serious error.
Default transaction isolation level READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT. READ_COMMITTED.
SQL Server Agent Not Support . Support
  You cannot write cross-database references in SQL Azure. SQL Server you can combine data from databases in the same instance.



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