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What are characteristics and advantages of stored procedure?

Characteristics of Stored Procedured: 
  • SP can have any kind of DML and DDL statements. 
  • SP can have error handling (TRY ... CATCH).
  • SP can use all types of table.
  • SP can output multiple integer values using OUT parameters, but can return only one scalar INT value. ? SP can take any input except a table variable.
  • SP can set default inputs.
  • SP can use DSQL.
  • SP can have nested SPs.
  • SP cannot output 2D data (cannot return and output table variables).
  • SP cannot be called from a SELECT statement. It can be executed using only a EXEC/EXECUTE statement.

Advantages of Stored Procedured: 

  • Precompiled code hence faster.
  • They allow modular programming, which means it allows you to break down a big chunk of code into smaller pieces of codes. This way the code will be more readable and more easier to manage.
  • Reusability.
  • Can enhance security of your application. Users can be granted permission to execute SP without having to have direct permissions on the objects referenced in the procedure.
  • Can reduce network traffic. An operation of hundreds of lines of code can be performed through single statement that executes the code in procedure rather than by sending hundreds of lines of code over the network.
  • SPs are pre-compiled, which means it has to have an Execution Plan so every time it gets executed after creating a new Execution Plan, it will save up to 70% of execution time. Without it, the SPs are just like any regular TSQL statements.


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What are characteristics and advantages of stored procedure?

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