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Explain difference between DBMS and RDMS in SQL in English and Hindi


Differnce between DBMS and RDMS in SQL-Server in English

DBMS (Database Management System) and RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) are both used to manage databases. However, there are significant differences between the two.

DBMS is a software system that is designed to manage and manipulate databases. It provides an interface between the user and the database and allows the user to store, retrieve, and modify data. DBMS can manage any type of data, including text, images, and multimedia files. However, DBMS does not support the relational model of data storage and retrieval.
On the other hand, RDBMS is a type of DBMS that is designed specifically to manage relational databases. It is based on the relational model, which organizes data into tables with rows and columns. In an RDBMS, data is stored in the form of tables, where each table represents a separate entity, and the relationships between these entities are represented by the keys that are used to link the tables together.
Here is a tabular comparison of DBMS and RDBMS:
In summary, RDBMS is a specialized type of DBMS that is optimized for managing relational databases using the SQL language. It offers advanced features for data manipulation and consistency, making it ideal for large-scale applications where data integrity is critical.
Differnce between DBMS and RDMS in SQL-Server in Hindi
DBMS (Database Management System) aur RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) dono database ko manage karne ke liye istemal kiye jaate hain. Lekin inme kuchh mukhya antar hote hain.
DBMS ek aisa software system hai jo database ko manage aur manipulate karne ke liye design kiya gaya hai. Isme user aur database ke beech ek interface provide kiya jata hai aur user ko data ko store, retrieve aur modify karne ki anumati di jati hai. DBMS kisi bhi prakar ke data ko manage kar sakta hai, jaise ki text, images aur multimedia files. Lekin DBMS relational model ko support nahi karta hai.
Aur RDBMS ek aisa DBMS hai jo specifically relational databases ko manage karne ke liye design kiya gaya hai. Ye relational model par based hai, jo data ko tables ke roop mein organize karta hai jisme rows aur columns hote hain. RDBMS mein data tables ke roop mein store kiya jata hai, jahaan har table alag-alag entity ko represent karta hai aur in entities ke beech ke relationships keys dwara represented kiye jate hain jo tables ko link karne ke liye use kiye jate hain.
Yahan DBMS aur RDBMS ke beech ka tabular comparison diya gaya hai:
Saransh mein, RDBMS SQL language ka upyog karke relational databases ko manage karne ke liye optimized ek specialized type of DBMS hai. Ye data manipulation aur consistency ke liye advanced features offer karta hai, jisse large-scale applications ke liye ideal hota hai jahaan data integrity critical hoti hai.




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