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What is 1NF in SQL in English and Hindi


1NF in SQL in English

1NF stands for First Normal Form, which is a fundamental principle of database normalization. The first normal form requires that each column of a table must contain atomic (indivisible) values, and each row must be unique.

  • A relation will be 1NF if it contains an atomic value.
  • It states that an attribute of a table cannot hold multiple values. It must hold only single-valued attribute.
  • First normal form disallows the multi-valued attribute, composite attribute, and their combinations.
Let's take an example of a table that violates the first normal form:
In the above table, the "Item Name" column contains multiple values, violating the atomic value rule. To normalize this table into 1NF, we need to split the "Item Name" column into multiple rows:
In the normalized table, each row has a unique combination of values, and the "Item Name" column contains atomic values. Therefore, this table is in the first normal form (1NF).
1NF in SQL in Hindi
"First Normal Form" (1NF) ek relational database management system (RDBMS) ka concept hai, jiske dwara tables ko design kiya jata hai. 1NF ko maintain karne ke liye table ka data atomic hona chahiye matlab ek cell ki value me ek hi data hona chahiye.
1NF ke example ke liye, hum ek "students" table consider karte hai jisme multiple phone numbers ek hi cell mai store kiye gaye hai:
students table:
Yahan par hum dekh sakte hai ki "phone_numbers" column mai multiple phone numbers comma separated values mai store kiye gaye hai, jo ki 1NF ko violate karta hai.
1NF ko maintain karne ke liye hum "phone_numbers" column ko multiple rows mai split kar sakte hai, jisse har row mai ek phone number store hoga. Is tarah se, "students" table 1NF ko follow karega:
students table in 1NF:
Is tarah se, humne "students" table ko 1NF mai convert kar diya hai, jisse ab ek hi cell mai multiple values store nahi kiye jaa rahe hai.

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