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What is inner join in SQL in English and Hindi


Inner join in SQL in English

Inner join in SQL is a type of join that returns only the matching rows from both tables that meet the join condition. It compares each row from one table with all the rows from another table based on the specified join condition and returns only the matching rows.

Let's consider two tables - "customers" and "orders". The "customers" table contains the customer details, including the customer ID, name, and city. The "orders" table contains the order details, including the order ID, the customer ID, the order date, and the order amount.
Customers table:
Orders table:
To join these tables, we use the following SQL query with the INNER JOIN keyword and the ON keyword to specify the join condition:
In this query, we are selecting the customer name, order ID, and order date from the two tables based on the matching customer ID. The result of this query will be as follows:
As you can see, the INNER JOIN only returns the rows where there is a match in both tables based on the join condition.
Inner join in SQL in Hindi
"Inner join" ek relational database management system (RDBMS) mai SQL query ka ek operator hota hai, jiski madad se do ya zyada tables ko merge kiya jata hai. Inner join mai, sirf woh rows show hote hai jinke corresponding value dono tables mai same hai.
Example ke liye, agar hum ek "customers" table aur ek "orders" table consider kare, jinme kuch columns ki details di gai hai:
customers table:
orders table:
Ab hum inner join ka use karke "customers" table aur "orders" table ko merge karenge, jiske liye hum ye SQL query likh sakte hai:
Is query ka output niche diya gaya hai:
Yahan par humne "customers" table aur "orders" table ke "customer_id" column ko join kiya hai. Jo rows dono tables mai same "customer_id" value rakhte hai, sirf wohi rows result mai show hote hai. Is tarah se, inner join ka use karke hum dono tables mai common data ko merge kar sakte hai.

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