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What is SQL delete statement in English and Hindi


SQL delete statement in English

The SQL DELETE statement is used to remove one or more records from a table in a database.

Certainly, here is a detailed example of how to use the SQL DELETE statement:

Suppose we have a table called employees that contains the following data:

Now, let's say we want to delete the employee with an id of 3 from the table. We can do this using the following SQL DELETE statement:
This statement deletes the row where the id column equals 3 from the employees table.
After running this statement, the employees table would contain the following data:
As you can see, the row with an id of 3 has been deleted from the table.
It's important to note that the SQL DELETE statement permanently removes data from your database, so it's important to be careful when using it. Always make sure you have a backup of your data before performing any major data modifications.
SQL delete statement in Hindi
SQL DELETE statement ka upyog kisi bhi table se ek ya adhik records ko hataane ke liye kiya jaata hai. Iska basic syntax is prakaar hota hai:
  • table_name: vo table ka naam jahaan se aap records hataana chahte hain
  • condition: vo shart jo ek record ko hataane ke liye poori hona aavashyak hai. Agar koi shart nirdhaarit nahi ki gayi hai, to saare records hata diye jaayenge.
Yahaan ek udaharan hai ki SQL DELETE statement ko kis prakaar istemaal kiya jaata hai:
Maan lijiye aapke paas ek customers naam ka table hai aur aapko sabhi records hataane hain jinme id column ki value 5 hai.
Yah statement customers table se saare records hata dega jisme id column ki value 5 hai.
Iska dhyaan rakhen ki DELETE statement ka upyog karne se pahle, yadi aap kisi bhi prakaar ke bade data modification karne ki soch rahe hain, to aapki database ke data ka backup hona aavashyak hai.




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