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What is cross join in SQL in English and Hindi


Cross join in English

In SQL, a cross join, also known as a cartesian product, is a type of join that combines each row from one table with every row from another table. This results in a new table that has every possible combination of rows from the two tables.

The basic syntax of a cross join is as follows:
Here is an example of a cross join:
Suppose we have two tables, Table1 and Table2, as shown below:
If we perform a cross join between Table1 and Table2, the resulting table would have four rows, as shown below:
As you can see, the resulting table contains every possible combination of rows from Table1 and Table2.



Cross join in Hindi

SQL me, cross join (ya cartesian join) ek join hai jo ek table ke har row ko dusre table ke har row ke saath combine karta hai. Isse do tables ke har possible combination se ek naya table banta hai.
Cross join ka basic syntax is tarah hota hai:
Yahan ek cross join ka example diya gaya hai:
Maan lijiye hamare paas do tables hai, Table1 aur Table2, jaisa ki niche dikhaya gaya hai:
Agar hum Table1 aur Table2 ke beech ek cross join karte hain, to resulting table mein chaar rows honge, jaisa ki niche dikhaya gaya hai:
Jaise ki aap dekh sakte hain, resulting table mein Table1 aur Table2 ke har possible combination ka data shamil hai. Cross join is tarah ke scenarios me upyogi ho sakta hai jahan data ke saare combinations generate karne ki zaroorat ho.




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