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What is List view in Asp.Net Core MVC

List View in Asp.Net core MVC 

In ASP.NET Core MVC, a List View is a way to display a collection of data items in a tabular or list format on a web page. It is often used to present data retrieved from a database or any other data source to the user. List views are commonly used for displaying data like product listings, user lists, or any other type of data that can be represented in a list or table format.
Here's an example of how to create a simple List View in ASP.NET Core MVC:
1-reate a new ASP.NET Core MVC project or use an existing one.
2-Create a model class that represents the data you want to display in the list view. For example, let's create a Product model:
1-Create a controller that will handle the logic for displaying the list of products. For example, create a ProductController:
1-Create a View for the Index action of the ProductController. You can do this by adding a new Razor View named Index.cshtml inside a folder with the same name as your controller (in this case, "Product").
1-In the above Razor view, we are using the @model directive to specify the model type (List<Product>) that the view expects. We then use a foreach loop to iterate through the list of products and display them in a table.
2-Finally, configure a route to access the Index action in your Startup.cs:
Now, when you navigate to the URL associated with the Index action of the ProductController (e.g., "/Product/Index"), you will see a list of products displayed in a table format.
This is a basic example of creating a List View in ASP.NET Core MVC. You can customize the view and the data retrieval logic to suit your specific application requirements.




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