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What is OOPS in English and Hindi


OOPS in English

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming system in which program are considered as a collection of object also you can say Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that focuses on creating objects that contain data and methods to manipulate that data. OOP is based on the concept of classes and objects, where a class is a blueprint or template for creating objects, and an object is an instance of a class.

Here's an example of OOP using a hypothetical Car class:
In this example, we have defined a Car class that has fields to store information about a car's make, model, and year. We have also defined methods to manipulate this data, such as Start, Accelerate, and Brake.
We then create two objects of the Car class, myCar1 and myCar2, and call methods on these objects to perform actions like starting the car and accelerating.
This is just a simple example of OOP, but in real-world scenarios, OOP can help in creating complex systems with modular and reusable code.


OOPS in Hindi

Object-oriented programming (OOP) ek programming paradigm hai jisme data aur usko manipulate karne wale methods ko ek saath rakha jaata hai. OOP ka concept classes aur objects par based hai, jahaan ek class ek blueprint hai objects banane ke liye aur ek object class ka instance hai.
Ek example ke through OOP ko samajhte hain, ek hypothetical Student class ke jariye:
Is example mein, humne ek Student class banaya hai jisme fields hain jaise name, age aur major. Humne methods define kiye hain jaise Study, AttendClass, aur SubmitAssignment.
Humne Student class ke do objects banaye hain, myStudent1 aur myStudent2, aur inke methods ko call kiya hai jaise Study, AttendClass, etc.
Yeh ek simple example hai OOP ka, lekin real-world scenarios mein OOP se complex systems banane mein help milti hai, jisme modular aur reusable code ka use kiya jata hai.


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