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What is azure data factory

In Azure Data Factory, the "Execute Pipeline" activity is a built-in activity that enables you to invoke and execute another pipeline within your Data Factory.
This activity is commonly used when you have a complex workflow that is composed of multiple pipelines. Instead of running each pipeline separately, you can use the "Execute Pipeline" activity to chain them together and automate the workflow.
The "Execute Pipeline" activity requires you to specify the name of the pipeline that you want to execute, as well as any input parameters that are required by that pipeline. You can also specify other settings such as the condition under which the activity should execute, or any error handling behavior.
Once you've configured the "Execute Pipeline" activity, you can include it in a pipeline and run it as part of the pipeline workflow. When the activity is executed, it will trigger the specified pipeline and pass in any input parameters as required. The execution of the main pipeline will wait for the completion of the invoked pipeline before continuing the execution.
The "Execute Pipeline" activity can be used in complex workflows to modularize and reuse pipeline components, making it easier to maintain and scale your Data Factory.
Azure data factory in Hindi:
Azure Data Factory Microsoft Azure dwara pradan kiya jaane wala ek cloud-based data integration service hai. Iska upyog aap kai prakar ke on-premises aur cloud-based data sources aur services ke saath data workflows ko create, schedule, aur orchestrate karne ke liye kar sakte hain.
Azure Data Factory ke madhyam se aap multiple sources se data ingest kar sakte hain, data ko transform aur process kar sakte hain, aur use database, data warehouse, aur data lake jaisi target destination mein load kar sakte hain. Aap complex data processing workflows bhi create kar sakte hain jo branching, looping, aur conditional logic ke saath data validation aur error handling bhi shamil karte hain.
Azure Data Factory data integration scenarios jaise data migration, data synchronization, aur big data processing ko support karta hai. Iske alawa yah Azure SQL Database, Azure Blob Storage, aur Azure Data Lake Storage jaisi popular data sources ke liye pre-built connectors aur integration services bhi pradan karta hai.
Azure Data Factory ko highly scalable banane ke liye design kiya gaya hai jo ki large volumes of data aur complex processing workflows ko handle kar sakta hai. Iske alawa yah monitoring aur diagnostic tools ka bhi ek range pradan karta hai jisse aap apne data integration workflows ko track aur troubleshoot kar sakte hain.
Aakhir mein, Azure Data Factory ek powerful tool hai jo data integration aur processing ke liye cloud mein upyog kiya ja sakta hai, aur iska upyog kai data-driven applications aur use cases ko support karne ke liye kiya ja sakta hai.

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