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What is schedule trigger in azure data factory



Schedule Trigger in Azure Data Factory in English:

In Azure Data Factory, a Schedule Trigger is a type of trigger that allows you to start a pipeline execution on a predefined schedule. You can create a Schedule Trigger for a pipeline to specify the date and time at which the pipeline should be executed.

When you create a Schedule Trigger, you can specify the following properties:
  1. Start time: The date and time at which the pipeline execution should start.
  2. Recurrence: The pattern in which the pipeline should be executed, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
  3. Timezone: The timezone in which the start time should be interpreted.
  4. Expiration time: The date and time at which the Schedule Trigger should expire.
  5. Offset: The time offset from the start time when the Schedule Trigger should actually start.
Once you have created a Schedule Trigger, you can associate it with one or more pipelines in your Azure Data Factory. The Schedule Trigger will automatically start the pipeline executions according to the specified schedule.
Schedule Triggers are useful when you have pipelines that need to be executed on a regular basis, such as daily data ingestion or monthly data processing. By using Schedule Triggers, you can automate these processes and reduce the need for manual intervention, which can help improve the efficiency and reliability of your data integration workflows.
Schedule Trigger in Azure Data Factory in Hindi:
Azure Data Factory mein, Schedule Trigger ek aisa trigger hai jo aapko ek predefined schedule ke basis par ek pipeline execution start karne ki anumati deta hai. Aap ek pipeline ke liye ek Schedule Trigger bana sakte hain, jisme pipeline ka execution date aur time specify kiya ja sakta hai.
Jab aap ek Schedule Trigger banaate hain, aap nimnlikhit properties ko specify kar sakte hain:
  1. Start time: Pipeline execution ka start time.
  2. Recurrence: Pipeline ko execute karne ki pattern, jaise daily, weekly, ya monthly.
  3. Timezone: Start time ko interpret karne ke liye timezone.
  4. Expiration time: Schedule Trigger ka expiry date aur time.
  5. Offset: Schedule Trigger ka actual start time start time se kitne time offset par hona chahiye.
Ek baar Schedule Trigger banaane ke baad, aap ise aapke Azure Data Factory ke ek ya adhik pipelines ke saath associate kar sakte hain. Schedule Trigger aapke dwara specify ki gayi schedule ke anusaar pipeline executions ko automatic start karega.
Schedule Trigger tabhi upyogi hota hai jab aapke paas pipelines hote hain jo niyamit roop se execute hone ki jarurat hoti hai, jaise daily data ingestion ya monthly data processing. Schedule Trigger ka upyog karke, aap in processes ko automate kar sakte hain aur manual intervention ki jarurat ko kam kar sakte hain, jisse aapke data integration workflows ki efficiency aur reliability badha sakte hain.

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