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What is Event-based Trigger in azure data factory


Event-Based Trigger in Azure Data Factory in English:

In Azure Data Factory, an Event-Based Trigger is a type of trigger that starts a pipeline execution when a specified event occurs. The event can be a file added to or deleted from Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage, a new message added to Azure Event Hubs, or a new item added to an Azure Service Bus queue or topic.
Event-Based Triggers are useful when you need to perform data integration or processing tasks that need to be executed in response to a specific event or trigger. By using Event-Based Triggers, you can automate these processes and reduce the need for manual intervention, which can help improve the efficiency and reliability of your data integration workflows.
When creating an Event-Based Trigger, you can specify the following properties:
  1. Event type: The type of event that should trigger the pipeline execution.
  2. Event-based properties: The specific properties of the event that should trigger the pipeline execution. For example, if the event type is a file added to Azure Blob Storage, the event-based properties could be the name of the container and the name of the file.
  3. Pipeline parameters: Optional parameters that can be passed to the pipeline execution.
  4. Timezone: The timezone in which the event time should be interpreted.
Once an Event-Based Trigger is created, it can be associated with one or more pipelines in Azure Data Factory. When the specified event occurs, the trigger starts a new execution of the associated pipeline(s). You can also use conditions to filter the events and specify when the trigger should start pipeline executions.

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